Salim, a disgraced young doctor from India, will do anything to get back into medicine. But when he takes a job at an illegal clinic in New York, he finds more danger than redemption.

Musa Syeed Musa Syeed

Musa Syeed's first feature Valley of Saints won the Audience Award and the Sloan Film Prize at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He previously co-produced Bronx Princess (Berlinale) and A... more»

Nicholas Bruckman Nicholas Bruckman

Nicholas Bruckman is the founder of People’s Television, Inc., and the producer of Valley of Saints (Sundance Audience Award), La Americana (Nat Geo, PBS, Al Jazeera), and commercial content... more»


'Through the little known world of underground clinics and backroom surgeries, Doctor tells a vibrant, human story of redemption at the fringes of American society."

Genre: Scripted