El Castillo

EL CASTILLO brings the viewer inside a prison for teenagers from the Mapuche countryside, in southern Chile. Every night, collective nightmares attack the teenagers – leading to rumors from the elders in the community that the prison is built upon an ancestral Mapuche cemetery.

René Ballesteros René Ballesteros

René Ballesteros (Chile, 1975). Psychologist and filmmaker, René used to work in juvenile prisons and with street children. After studying cinema at Paris VIII, EICTV and Le Fresnoy, he... more»

David Belmar David Belmar

David Belmar (Chile, 1984) is a cinematographer and filmmaker. His first feature film The Origin of Heaven, premiered at the 2015 Valdivia IFF. He is developing his next film, Rebelde, and works... more»

Johanne Schatz Johanne Schatz

Johanne Schatz (France, 1984). Graduate from Paris VIII, Johanne edited around 20 short and medium-length movies. She works on French, English, and Spanish-speaking projects. She is part of La... more»

Mariano Cubillos Mariano Cubillos

Mariano Cubillos (Argentina, 1981), businessman and producer, has worked as production assistant for several films in Chile, like The Origin of Heaven. In 2013 he co-founded "La Ballesta Films”... more»

Alexandre del Torchio Alexandre del Torchio

Alexandre del Torchio (France, 1975), artist and composer, graduate from Le Fresnoy, studies electroacoustic composition. It's last creation Prolifération – Propagation has been... more»

Marco Burdiles Marco Burdiles

Audiovisual Communicator by the Universidad Mayor de Temuco, Araucania region, Chile. Specializing in live sound, control room and post production. He has made direct sound for various documentaries,... more»

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Photo credit: David Belmar

Genre: Documentary