El Charro de Toluquilla

El Charro de Toluquilla tells the story of Jaime Garcia—a mariachi singer and braggart who lives his life like a chauvinistic vintage Mexican movie character, but with one difference: he is HIV-positive.

José Villalobos Romero José Villalobos Romero

José is a Mexican filmmaker and multimedia programmer who has worked as an editor on several feature documentary films.

Sergio Morkin Sergio Morkin

Sergio is an Argentinian documentary filmmaker. He has directed feature length documentaries like Oscar (2003) and The Ginger Ninjas: Ride México (2012) as well as other documentaries for TV.

Claudia Méndez Claudia Méndez

Claudia is an independent autodidact producer, writer and director. She began making music videos in 2002 and since has produced more than 50 audiovisual projects.

“I want to preserve the “charro” of Toluquilla’s life story by weaving a narrative about his out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle, and thus aim to interpret his antiquated way of seeing the world.“

Genre: Documentary