Entre Nos

A remarkable journey where we bear witness to a family's commitment to survival and their unrelenting hope for the American dream...one soda can at a time.

Paola Mendoza Paola Mendoza
Director / Screenwriter

Most recently co-helmed the award winning documentary Autumn’s Eyes. Still Standing a documentary about her grandmother’s quest to rebuild her life after Hurricane Katrina premiered at... more»

Gloria La Morte Gloria La Morte
Director / Screenwriter

In Details (HBO) she took on the role of writer, producer and actress. As an editor she has completed five films, Autumn's Eyes (Woodstock 2006 winner Best Editing Award, South by Southwest... more»

Cast & Crew

Producer(s): James N. Kienitz Wilkins
Writer(s): James N. Kienitz Wilkins
Actor(s) Paola Mendoza, Sebastian Villada, Laura Montana, Anthony Chisholm, Andres Munar

Genre: Documentary, Scripted, Drama