Felisa Y Yo

Ingrid Isensee is a forty-two year-old Chilean actress. She often plays the role of the mother in horror films and commercials - but in real life, she is single and does not have any children of her own. FELISA & I is a poignant and humorous look at Ingrid’s journey to find out whether she wants children or not, and how her special bond with her favorite aunt - the independent and progressive Felisa, who loved dispensing advice on sex and motherhood - end up influencing Ingrid’s decisions and actions.

Ingrid Isensee Ingrid Isensee
Director, Writer, Protagonist

Chilean actress who´s worked in movies, theater and TV. Her performances include movies like  “El Bosque de Karadima” (2015), “La Voz en Off” (2014), “Joven y... more»

Cynthia García Calvo Cynthia García Calvo

Argentinian producer, journalist and programmer. She has been chief of production in TV shows for Canal Encuentro and TV Pública. She produced argentinian writer Mempo Guardinelli´s... more»

Additional Credits

Soledad Salfate, Editor

Matías Illanes, Director of Photography

Genre: Documentary