Free Selda

TFI Network | 2020

Celebrated around the world as Turkey’s first female rockstar, Selda Bağcan and her freedom fighting lyrics continue to hold national attention, despite decades of censorship, imprisonment and persecution. When first generation Turkish American filmmaker Amber Isbilen immigrates to her motherland to document the legendary musician, she unveils a story that goes way beyond a single person.

Amber Isbilen Amber Isbilen
Director, Producer

Founder of the U.S. based production company Infidel Films, and Turkish based production company Selda Film. Amber started making her own films in her teens. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree... more»

Leyla Hamedi Leyla Hamedi
Executive Producer

Leyla is a Turkish-Iranian producer, and screenwriter. She received her BA in film and digital media at Emerson College, Boston University and additional courses at Harvard, graduating top of her... more»

Neslihan Oskay Neslihan Oskay
Associate Producer

Neslihan offers practical solutions to team and time management. She is the go-to person to make anything happen on-set. She worked in advertisement, series, documentary and motion picture and as an... more»

Martina Haubrich Martina Haubrich

Martina has worked on numerous documentaries in Germany before setting up Cala Film Productions in 2017. She produces both fiction and documentary films for cinema and television series for the... more»

Additional Credits

Gozde Karaoğlan (Production/Director's Assistant)

Genre: Documentary