Gross National Happiness

TFI Network | 2020

Amar (40) and Gunaraj (36) are not only close friends but also “Happiness Agents”, who work together for Bhutan’s Ministry of Happiness. They travel door-to-door measuring people’s level of happiness among the remote Himalayan mountains - and in their mission, learn about people’s dreams and life goals. GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS is a satirical ‘road movie’ that takes us through a mosaic of stories exploring the real desires of a society with a specific national identity - an identity created by the Happiness Ministry of Bhutan, a country that has been closed-off for centuries.

Arun Bhattarai Arun Bhattarai

Arun Bhattarai’s first feature length documentary, THE NEXT GUARDIAN, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) at the First Appearance Competition in 2017. Since... more»

Dorottya Zurbó Dorottya Zurbó

Dorottya Zurbó (b. 1988, Budapest) premiered her first feature-length documentary, THE NEXT GUARDIAN (co-director), at IDFA at the First Appearance Competition in 2017. The film is an intimate... more»

Noémi Veronika Szakonyi Noémi Veronika Szakonyi

Noemi Veronika Szakonyi is a freelance film director and producer. She graduated from the documentary directing MA course at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. Since then, she has... more»

Genre: Documentary