Masha From Russia

TFI Network | 2019

MASHA FROM RUSSIA is a coming of age dramedy about a Russian family immigrating to New York in the early 90's. The film centers around Masha, a nerdy, socially clueless 13-year-old whose transition into puberty is further complicated by her limited understanding of the language and culture around her.

Sasha Gordon Sasha Gordon
Director, Screenwriter

Sasha Gordon is Russian-born award-winning writer/director and composer. Her debut comedy feature won awards at multiple festivals (among them Austin, Santa Barbara, Bentonville, Woodstock) before... more»

Riva Marker Riva Marker

Riva Marker is an award-winning producer and founding partner of Nine Stories Productions with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Nine Stories has a first-look deal with Bold Films, the company... more»

Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal
Executive Producer

Jake Gyllenhaal is an award-winning actor and producer. Jake has appeared in dozens of films, among them DONNIE DARKO, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, NIGHTCRAWLER, and ZODIAC. As one of the founding partners of... more»

Genre: Scripted, Comedy