Mr. Gay Syria

TFI Network | 2017

Husein is a gay barber in Istanbul. Mahmoud champions LGBTI rights in Berlin. What brings them together is a dream to join an international beauty contest to escape their trapped, invisible lives. Through an intimate lens, Mr. Gay Syria chronicles two gay Syrian refugees who fight to rebuild their lives.

Ayse Toprak Ayse Toprak

Ayse is fascinated in people who are pushed to the peripheries of society and have vivid, compelling stories to tell. Her conviction in filmmaking comes from her wish to tell the stories of... more»

Ekin Calisir Ekin Calisir

Ekin is a documentary film producer with a background in journalism. She worked at Al Jazeera Turk as producer of short documentaries. From 2008 to 2011, she covered international news as producer of... more»

Additional Credits

Antoine Simkine (Producer)
Christine Kiauk (Producer)

Genre: Documentary, Creative Documentary