IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2018 (Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - Honorable Mention)

Neqeniighta is about a teenager living on a remote island in the Bering Sea, who must hunt to feed his family. Chris Apassingok is a member of the Siberian Yupik tribe and he’s one of the the best hunters in Alaska. His specialty? Bowhead whales. His community depends on him for their sustenance-- their island is so isolated that groceries are nearly ten times more expensive there than elsewhere in the US. They survive off the meat from whales, walruses and seals. But with the recent uptick in melting ice and volatile weather conditions, Chris and his community are under threat by climate change. Now they must find a way to maintain their way of life amidst a global crisis. (Photo Credit: Susan Apassingok)

Alexandra Stergiou Alexandra Stergiou

Alexandra is a documentary filmmaker and artist whose work has been recognized by the Wasserman Awards, National Board of Review, British Council, and Thirteen. Her award-winning short... more»

Gina Pollack Gina Pollack

Gina is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and audio producer, interested in telling stories about the intersection of politics and the human experience. Her short film “Undue... more»

Cass Gardiner Cass Gardiner

Cass is an Anishinaabe Algonquin artist, filmmaker, and curator from the Kebaowek First Nation. Her documentary film “The Edible Indian” has met critical acclaim in classrooms and theatres... more»

Additional Credits

Mentor: Billy Luther

Genre: Documentary