Nona (66) escapes to her summer home in the small coastal Chilean town Pichilemu after she sets fire to her ex-lover’s house. In her new exile, Nona is trying to follow her ideal of re-invention but soon the fire and her past eventually catches up to her. 

Camila Jose Donoso Camila Jose Donoso

Camila José Donoso was born in 1988, in Santiago de Chile. She premiered her first feature film called Naomi Campbel, co-directed with Nicolás Videla, in FICValdivia and CPH:DOX.... more»

Rocio Romero Rocio Romero

Rocío Romero was born in Santiago de Chile in 1986. During 2012 she worked in LucoMolina Productions where she line-produced the documentary Beaverland (2014), directed by Nicolás Molina... more»

Additional Credits

Matías Illanes (Director of Photography)

Nicolás Oyarce (Art Director)

Alexa Rivero (Altamar Films) and Tatiana Leite (Bubbles Project) - (Co-Producers)

NONA comes from the intimate relationship I have with Josefina Ramirez, an extraordinary woman who turns out to be my grandmother. In Nona, fiction outpowers the real world, even though every element is derived from Josefina’s life.”

Genre: Scripted