Ever feel like the whole world is disappearing? Species by species, technology by technology - everything you know and love is becoming obsolete.

Diane Bell Diane Bell
Director/ Writer

Diane Bell is a writer and director currently residing in Santa Monica, California. Originally from Scotland, she grew up in Japan, Australia and Germany.  She later earned a Masters degree in... more»

Matthew Medlin Matthew Medlin

Hailing from rural Northern California, Matthew moved from San Francisco to New York City in 2002 where he worked his way up the production ranks in the commercial and independent film scene. He has... more»

Zak Mulligan Zak Mulligan

Cinematographer Zak Mulligan, an Ohio native, started his career in New York after studying art and photography at Arizona State University.  Mulligan’s narrative feature Obselidia... more»

Chris Byrne Chris Byrne

Genre: Scripted