Of The Unknown

A short visual meditation, Of The Unknown is set in Hong Kong where millionaires and the ‘working poor’ live side by side in one of Asia’s wealthiest and most densely populated cities. The film explores how our notions of freedom and happiness are shaped by the place we occupy, both literally and metaphorically, in our society.  What is the importance of freedom when one faces a daily struggle for survival?  Is it even possible to have dreams, or to dream, if one was never given any opportunities in life?
Mandela quote: "Where poverty exists, there is not true freedom."

Eva Weber Eva Weber

A London-based, German director working in documentary and fiction, Eva Weber has found acclaim with short films like THE SOLITARY LIFE OF CRANES, REINDEER and FIELD STUDY. Her films have won numerous... more»

James Marsh James Marsh

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Nia Ashley Nia Ashley

Nia Ashley is a Brooklyn native studying English, Film and Africana Studies at Barnard College. A young veteran of New York City theatre, Nia only discovered her love of filmmaking at 17. Since then... more»