On the Move

ON THE MOVE follows three visual artists in exile from Syria, Sudan and Nicaragua as they strive to remain emotionally connected to their turbulent home countries. As the film progresses, a kaleidoscopic view of displacement emerges, drawing similarities and contrasts in the emotional burdens of these artists through the eyes of the movement itself.

Milton Guillén Milton Guillén
Director, Producer

Milton is an award-winning Nicaraguan filmmaker who dwells in the realm of docufiction. His most recent works gravitate around the cinematic intersections of de-colonial ethnographic research and the... more»

Natalia Hernández Natalia Hernández

Natalia Hernández is a Nicaraguan producer based in Berlin with over ten years of experience. She graduated with an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. Most recently... more»

Noelia Espinoza Noelia Espinoza

Noelia is a Nicaraguan filmmaker trained at Cuba’s EICTV and the University of Montreal. Noelia combines her background in screenwriting and philosophy to approach highly complicated subjects... more»

Nicolas Abaunza Nicolas Abaunza

Nicolas Abaunza is a Nicaraguan-French cinematographer based in Montréal. Trained at the ESEC in Paris, Nicolas has become one of Nicaragua’s most sought-after cinematographers and has... more»

Genre: Documentary