Paper Chase

TFI Network | 2016

A comedy about a young African-American woman who is forced to turn to her eccentric community to raise the money to get to college.

Angela Tucker Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is a writer, director and Emmy nominated producer. She is series Producer for AfroPoP, co-produced The New Black and produced Pushing the Elephant. Her directorial work includes... more»

Lauren Domino Lauren Domino

Lauren Domino is a writer and producer.  Based in her hometown New Orleans, her work is driven by a passion to showcase multidimensional stories of women and people of color in film. Her work has... more»

Additional Credits

Alexis Clark (Actor)

Olivia Washington (Actor)

D.J. McConduit (Director of Photography)

Zoe E. Rotter (Casting)

I love teen movies but wanted to make one through the lens of a self-assured young black woman. PAPER CHASE uses comedy to tackle issues like gentrification, class and black exceptionalism.

Genre: Scripted, Comedy