Fanfan scams “sugar daddies” for a living while her best friend Bingbing holds out for true love. Together, they’re forced to confront their differences and existential plights as their “boyfriends” and crimes catch up with them.

Jenny Suen Jenny Suen
Director, Screenwriter

Jenny Suen is a writer, producer, and film director. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. THE WHITE GIRL is her first feature film as a director. She wrote, produced, and co-directed it with... more»

Jonah Greenberg Jonah Greenberg

Jonah Greenberg is a veteran of the Chinese film industry. He started at Beijing-based Ming Productions in 2002, where he helped to develop and package several co-productions, including THE PAINTED... more»

Coco Francini Coco Francini

Coco Francini is an American television and film producer. Most recently, Coco executive produced the upcoming limited series MRS. AMERICA for FX Networks, written by Mad Men alum Dahvi Waller and... more»

Leonard Tee Leonard Tee

Leonard Tee is a Malaysian film producer of Chinese origin who works primarily with independent directors. In 2006, he established the Malaysian office of auteur Tsai Ming-Liang’s Homegreen... more»

Christopher Doyle Christopher Doyle

 Christopher Doyle is one of the greatest cinematographers with 60 awards and 30 nominations from film festivals around the world. Among those titles, he’s received the Grand Technical... more»

Additional Credits

Stephan Holl (Producer)

Genre: Scripted, Dark Comedy