Insha’Allah Democracy

Exiled former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, despite having a flawed legacy as a dictator and being sought for arrest on murder charges, decides to return to Pakistan and run for President.

Mohammed Naqvi Mohammed Naqvi

Tribeca All Access ® alum Mohammed Naqvi’s credits include Special Emmy-winner Shame (Showtime), Bad Things (Channel 4), Shabeena's Quest (Al-Jazeera), and Terror’s Children... more»

Jared Ian Goldman Jared Ian Goldman

Jared's credits include Brother's Keeper starring Rose Byrne, The Skeleton Twins starring Kirsten Wiig, Kill Your Darlings starring Daniel Radcliffe, And So It Goes starring Michael Douglas... more»

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Dan Cogan

Jenny Raskin

Benjamin Gray

“With unprecedented access, Insha'Allah Democracy is an Arab Spring story told through the perspective of a former dictator. It chronicles the failed political comeback of Musharraf, while Pakistan begins its journey towards civilian rule.”

Genre: Documentary