Sugar Pill

Two men enter a medical research facility to test a drug that has never been in humans before. Strangers at the start, they find their lives increasingly intertwined as the physical threat to one breaks the long emotional coma of the other, and together they struggle for release -- both of body and of soul.

Lisa Krueger Lisa Krueger
Director/ Writer

Lisa Krueger is the writer/director of the MANNY & LO (Sony Classics) and COMMITTED (Miramax), as well as the short, BEST OFFER (Tapestry International). Her work has received numerous honors,... more»

Ted Hope

With co-founder Anne Carey, Ted Hope formed This is that out of the production arm of the legendary Good Machine, which he also co-founded. His many credits include some of the most honored and... more»

Anne Carey

As a cofounder of This is that and a veteran of Good Machine, Anne Carey has produced and excutiveproducedsuch award-winning films as THE SAVAGES, THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR, FRIENDS WITH MONEY,... more»

Genre: Scripted