The Inspection

In the age of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," homeless youth Ellis French joins the Marine Corps in a last ditch attempt to change his life, but must conceal his attraction for his drill instructor in order to survive bootcamp.

Elegance Bratton Elegance Bratton
Director, Co-Screenwriter

Elegance was thrown out of his mother’s home at the age of 16 in New Jersey for being gay. He spent the next 10 years homeless seeking refuge wherever he could find it. After ten years... more»

Chester Algernal Chester Algernal

Producer and costume designer Chester Algernal Gordon was the first male African-American costume designer to compete in competition at Cannes Film Festival with... more»

Valerie Steinberg Valerie Steinberg

Valerie has produced a dozen short films including HAIR WOLF (dir. Mariama Diallo; 2018 Sundance Jury Award winner for US Fiction Short Film; presently on HBO), FRY DAY (dir. Laura Moss; world... more»

Additional Credits

Kim Coleman (Casting Director)
Andrew Long (Co-Writer)

Photo Credit: Bobby Yarbroug

Genre: Scripted, Military Romance