Oakland Fence Project

The Oakland Fence Project is a large-scale interactive photography exhibit & website designed to unite and activate Oakland; each image comes to life through an augmented reality app that triggers video stories, music & embedded data. 

Wendy Levy Wendy Levy

Wendy is a Senior Consultant with the Sundance Institute, and the Director of New Arts Axis. She has served as an advisor for many NGOs, social entrepreneurs and independent artists around the world.... more»

Eric Doversberger Eric Doversberger

Eric is a product manager and data visualization artist. He is the Manager of the Google People Analytics team, researching and building new platforms for dynamically interacting with data. Eric... more»

Chris Johnson Chris Johnson
Photography Lead

Chris Johnson is an artist, educator, author and originator of Question Bridge: Black Males featured in the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He is currently a Professor of Photography at the California... more»

Additional Credits

Steve Spiker - DATA LEAD

"Oakland Fence Project is a public interactive photography exhibition designed to foster empathy and abundance in the city of Oakland and beyond; we believe creativity breeds connection, resilience, and hope."

Genre: Interactive