The Wolfpack

Six teenage brothers growing up in the New York City projects are locked away from society by their father. To handle isolation, they reenact their favorite films. However, when one of the brothers breaks away, it changes everything.

Crystal Moselle Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle has been merging the rawness of street culture with high fashion since moving to NYC years ago. Her long and short form films have been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and in... more»

Enat Sidi Enat Sidi

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Enat Sidi is very active as an editor in the American documentary film world. She is a frequent collaborator with directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, having edited... more»

Izabella Tzenkova Izabella Tzenkova

Izabella Tzenkova is an independent producer based in New York. In 2010 she founded Kotva Films, with a focus on developing projects by new and up and coming talent. Her first film, LILY,... more»

Additional Credits

David Cross


Megan Delaney

“For four years I followed the Angulo brothers, penetrating the bubble they lived in. Through verite footage, home movies, and intimate interviews I will unveil the unusual circumstance of their childhood.”

Genre: Documentary