They’re Playing Basketball

It's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game, but who says you have to play the game the way everyone else does? An experiment in equality inspires an unconventional coach and a reclusive math professor to revolutionize the game of basketball through egalitarianism and algorithms. This experiment becomes known as "The System", and it is an unyielding attack of mathematics against conventional sports wisdom - a frenzied game of ordered chaos that transforms a rag-tag team of geeks and freaks into conference champions. Who needs starters when you have statistics?

Sam Lobel Sam Lobel
Writer/ Producer

Sam migrated from Texas to New York by way of Iowa where he picked up a degree in unemployment (A.K.A. Theatre) at Grinnell College. He initially worked production on independent films, but hunger... more»

Marc Lebowitz Marc Lebowitz

Marc Lebowitz is an entertainment lawyer who has represented producers in all aspects of their business including - on the front end -- production financing (independent and studio), co-production... more»

Kerry Barden

Kerry Barden has cast nearly 200 films, plays and television shows. Some of the highlights include Boys Don't Cry, American Psycho, Good Will Hunting, I Shot Andy Warhol, Snow Angels, Pineapple... more»

Genre: Scripted