Touch the Colour

TFI Network | 2019

Two Filipina sisters in Manila are serving life in prison for kidnapping a young boy. Now, as they enter their 19th year in prison, they are offered parole on one condition -- the boy’s mother must forgive them.

Baby Ruth Villarama Baby Ruth Villarama

Baby Ruth Villarama has been involved in international co-productions for more than 10 years as a producer and documentary film director. She directed the documentary film SUNDAY BEAUTY QUEEN (2016).... more»

Chuck Gutierrez Chuck Gutierrez

Chuck Gutierrez is a multi-awarded filmmaker and producer. His works have championed Filipino cinema in major film festivals around the globe, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Pusan, London, Tokyo... more»

Gary Byung-seok Kam Gary Byung-seok Kam

Gary Byung-Seok Kam has produced award-winning documentaries in Korea and worldwide. Gary has been an independent filmmaker since 2006, following a 10-year career as a director and producer for MBC in... more»

Additional Credits

Malou Santos (Executive Producer)
Dexter Dela Peña (Cinematographer)

Photo credit: Dexter Dela Peña

Genre: Documentary