Truth or Consequences

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES is a speculative documentary about four people finding a sense of belonging in the New Mexican desert. Based in documentary footage, the film takes place in a near future where people have left Earth to colonize new planets. Set in the small desert town of Truth or Consequences, NM, the film tells the story of the people who stayed. Through observational footage, archival, and experimental animations, TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES is a lyrical meditation on striving, memory, and finding what we’re looking for in the unlikeliest of places. 

Hannah Jayanti Hannah Jayanti

Hannah Jayanti is a director, editor, and DP. She’s dedicated to changing the way we listen through the art of nonfiction films. Recent support includes: NY State Council on the Arts, NY... more»

Sara Archambault Sara Archambault

Creative Producer Sara Archambault is currently Program Director at the LEF Foundation and Programmer/Co-founder of the award-winning documentary film series The DocYard. She is a 2013 Sundance... more»

Genre: Documentary