You And Me Both

Two sisters, one a struggling heroin addict fresh from rehab, take a road trip through America’s Heartland to meet their Korean birth mother after their adoptive mother's passing. Along the way they must navigate feelings of grief and fear in order to find their way back to one another.

Jennifer Suhr Jennifer Suhr
Director, Screenwriter

Jennifer Cho Suhr is a writer/director based in Brooklyn. She is currently developing her debut feature, YOU AND ME BOTH, starring Constance Wu (FRESH OFF THE BOAT). The project was selected for... more»

Carolyn Mao Carolyn Mao

Carolyn Mao is a creative producer based in Los Angeles. She was a producing fellow for Film Independent’s 2015 Producing Lab and also participated in Film Independent’s 2016 Fast Track... more»

Allison Jordan Allison Jordan

Allison Avery Jordan has a degree in journalism from the University of Texas, and an MFA in creative producing from UCLA. Upon her graduation from UCLA, Jordan joined Mockingbird Pictures, led by... more»

"You And Me Both explores themes of family bonds and addiction through the relationship between two sisters and their search for their birth mother."

Genre: Scripted