About Our Local Is Global

WarnerMedia’s OneFifty and Tribeca Film Institute are teaming up to launch a new initiative, OUR LOCAL IS GLOBAL (OLIG), an opportunity for TFI alumni telling local and native stories of their communities that appeal to a global audience.

OneFifty, part of WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner), invests in fresh, provocative and compelling storytelling, engaging bold creators to challenge boundaries in all forms of media: features, series, digital, animation, interactive, documentary, VR, experimental and more. TFI champions storytellers to be catalysts for change in their communities and around the world.  In furtherance of their complementary missions, OneFifty and TFI are teaming up to launch OLIG to provide an opportunity for talented TFI alumni to leverage their unique variety of backgrounds and perspectives to create work that we believe inspires a wide audience. We share the desire to provide filmmakers concrete resources to bring their incredible stories to life and expand their audiences even further.

Toward this goal, in 2019, OUR LOCAL IS GLOBAL will fully fund one project for $40,000 to make their pilot presentation. The short should be a presentation of a project that is intended to become  a series. Alumni will apply with a script and budget for a pilot presentation, along with a synopsis of the intended series. 

The winning pilot, with the support of OneFifty and TFI, will be presented at a special screening during the Tribeca Film Festival 2020, hosted by TFI. Additional entrance into official shorts section is determined by the festival programming team. After the festival, it will be shopped to  WarnerMedia networks and studios among HBO, Turner Broadcasting and  Warner Bros. seeking further investment to to develop the series or feature-length version.

To see if you qualify and for more information please see the FAQ’s or contact us at scripted@tfiny.org