FAQ TFI Pond5 Program

How do I apply?

The Pond5 Program is currently closed. 

Am I eligible?

Applicants must be an alumnus of a TFI program. This includes key team members (writer, director or creative producer) on a project supported by TFI, in any year or program through Scripted, Documentary, Interactive, or Education. Please contact alumni@tfiny.org with questions on your eligibility. 

When do submissions open for the TFI Pond5 Program? Is there an entry fee?

Submissions for the TFI Pond5 Program will be open three times a year. The next round of submissions will on August 1st and close on September 9th. There is no entry fee to apply to the TFI Pond5 Program, but it is only open to alumni of TFI.

How many projects will be selected?

The amount of projects granted will vary based on the number of applicants and the quality of their applications.  Grants will range between $500 and $7,500.

Are there any limitations to the types of support I can request funding for?

The TFI Pond5 Program may support any alumni creator in any stage of their project from development past completion. Examples of asks can include but is not limited to support with interactive websites, stitching for a VR project, outreach, creating workshop around the project, bringing a project to a certain community/class, screenplay readings, film production, key crew attachment, installations, marketing or festival travel.  

Can I apply for ancillary support through mentorship?

Yes. There is a section within the application where you can opt-in if you would like your project to be considered for mentorship and where you may detail the type of mentorship you are looking for. Receiving mentorship does not preclude a project from being considered for a grant and depending on the strength of the ask, it is possible for a project to receive both mentorship and funding in the same submission cycle. Types of mentorship can include but is not limited to writing, editing and general guidance in pitching, cast attachment, or distribution. 

What is an Artistic Statement?

The Artistic Statement is your opportunity to discuss your creative vision for your project. This is where you can speak of the tone and style of the film, and to the reasoning behind your creative choices with regards to subject matter, medium, setting, etc. It’s also the place to touch upon your motivation for telling this story and for how you’ve decided to tell it.

What kind of photo do I need for my application? How can I get it to you?

You should upload a photo that is at least 10" (or 3000 pixels) with a 300 dpi resolution, so that it’s attached to your application. While you definitely don’t need a professional headshot, you should upload a picture that you are comfortable seeing online and in print, as it may be used for promotional purposes if your project is selected. Be sure to name your photo ‘firstname_lastname.jpg’ before uploading it! We cannot accept photos by mail or e-mail.

Is the TFI Pond5 Program open to filmmakers from around the world?


Am I allowed to submit more than one project?

No, we recommend that you use discretion and apply with the project that has the most momentum at deadline or is the most urgent ask.

Can I have an extension?

No. We will have three application cycles per year. Please apply in the next submissions cycle.

Is footage required to apply?

No. If your project is film-based and there is a director attached, footage of current or previous work is encouraged. If you are applying for travel funds, event funds, or with other non-film-based projects, footage is not required.

Do I need a full script or is a treatment sufficient?

You can apply with a script, treatment, or with a proposal for any other non-film-based project.

Does Tribeca Film Institute or Pond5 own the rights to my project if it is selected for the program?

No. We do request that, when your project is completed and when appropriate, you include the Tribeca Film Institute and the Pond5 logo in your credits. We also ask that any completed and approved promotional material such as posters, trailers, EPK’s etc are sent to us to share on TFI and Pond 5’s marketing, website and social channels. Grantees will also agree to provide Pond5 with the ability to use their name and likeness in marketing.

If my project is selected for the TFI Pond5 Program, does that mean it will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival?


Will I be able to attend the Tribeca Film Festival as an accredited filmmaker?


Can I apply to other TFI programs?


Are there any stipulations on how I spend my grant if selected?

Yes. You are expected to spend the grant money as proposed in your application. We require either a copy of the finished project, a draft update, or a report within the grant year detailing your use of funds.

Where can I find additional answers to questions?

If you have additional questions please reach out to alumni@tfiny.org.