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Mapping the #InteractiveImpact Journey

In a guest post, Jessica Clark of Dot Connector Studio writes about the necessary steps towards getting the most out of your interactive project.

Pro Tips: How To Succeed At Grant Proposals

TFI staff and alumni give the dos and don'ts of grant writing.

6 Reasons To Start A Web Series

Here’s why a project on the web may be just what you need while waiting to get your feature off the ground.

TFI Launches Professional Partnership

Always looking for new ways to support our grantees, the Feature Programming department presents their latest initiative.

[UPDATE] Legal 101: Documents and Other Essentials From Our Panel

Some useful tips you need to secure your film.

Distribution 101: Lists, Documents and Other Essentials From Our Panel

Helpful checklists and spreadsheets from our Distribution 101 panel on November 17th.

Introducing the TFI New Media Wiki

We're putting together a living document of all things transmedia.

Mozilla Webinar on HTML5 Video and Popcorn.js

Learn how filmmakers and media producers can use Mozilla's Popcorn.js to create HTML5 video pages.