Dive into the amazing world of the Jeju Haenyeo, female divers off the coast of South Korea, in virtual reality. ​


Experience the incredible world of the Jeju Haenyeo in VR. Take in the elements from the Haenyeo perspective, and dive with them as they harvest the sea. Listen to the youngest Haenyeo as she describes her work, community, and identity as one of Korea's amazing Sea Women, a culture battling to define its place in modern Korea.

Added to UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List in 2016, the female divers on Jeju Island, known as the Jeju Haenyeo, are women who dive for shellfish without the aid of oxygen. The Haenyeo made up of an aging class of women, some as old as 80, spend hours diving in harsh conditions in a tradition that dates back centuries.

Status: Post-Production 

Budget: $40,000

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