Stray Dolls

Two young women working in a motel are caught in a web of crime when one petty theft spirals into the next, setting off a domino of violent events. 

Sonejuhi Sinha Sonejuhi Sinha

Sonejuhi got her start in the industry working as a film editor for the internationally renowned editorial company Final Cut. She has edited several music videos for MTV and MTV2 UK, narrative short... more»

Charlotte Rabate Charlotte Rabate

Charlotte Rabate is a French producer and writer/director based in New York. Her short film Lucille in the Sky premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival where it received a special mention. Charlotte... more»

Shane Sigler Shane Sigler

Shane is a Brooklyn­based cinematographer, who was born and raised in Iowa. He studied photography & film at the University of Virginia and apprenticed under filmmaker/photographer Bruce... more»

Gingger Shankar Gingger Shankar

Gingger Shankar is a singer, virtuoso violinist and composer. Her accomplishments include working with top producers and film composers including Mel Gibson, Trent Reznor, Mike Nichols,... more»

Additional Credits

Gingger Shankar (Composer)

I want to create an immersive experience for the audience, in hopes that they see themselves in Riz’s struggle, and come away with one simple question: ‘what would I do’?

Genre: Scripted, Thriller