Map Of The Universe

Based on a true story Professor Jim Yancey, a world-leading astronomer at Berkeley University in San Francisco, is poised to make scientific history in his quest to find the first outer solar planet. But his findings are disputed by a prodigiously talented, eccentric English star spotter, 18 year old Archie. A film about a man and boy whose love for the stars is sometimes greater than for those people around them.

Tim Firth Tim Firth

Tim is currently working on five feature films: MONSTROUS MEMOIRS OF A MIGHTY MCFEARLESS (Jerry Bruckheimer), WHOSE WEDDING? (Pathe), SNOW AND THE SEVEN (Scott Rudin/Disney), MONKEYS (Aardmaan... more»

Dan Futterman Dan Futterman

Dan Futterman was nominated for a 2005 Academy Award for his screenplay for the film “Capote.” He has since written a number of film scripts, all at various stages of development. Along... more»

Nick Barton Nick Barton

Nick Barton has been a Producer since 1970, originally producing advertising commercials. He moved into Television in 1981 producing series such as “The World A Television History” and... more»

Suzanne Mackie Suzanne Mackie

Suzanne Mackie was Director of Development for Harbour Pictures from 1994 having formerly worked for BBC Drama Serials. After securing a first-look deal with Buena Vista International Suzanne... more»

Genre: Scripted